Eban Mustapha Hamdani

Eban is a Senior Engineer for PG&E and a native of the bay area. He received both his undergraduate and Graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA and UC Berkeley. Eban learned about KEEN through a co-worker and immediately became excited to become a part of KEEN!. Sports, community outreach and a positive environment for children are few important factors that make KEEN the perfect place for Eban to volunteer.
Outside of work, Eban loves working out, playing basketball, reading about stocks/tech, stepping up his self progression game and watching sports. Seeing Eban is a Bay Area native, it’s natural to believe he loves the Bay Area teams and Bay area intricacies such as Taco Trucks in Oakland; all true. But a random note is that his favorite football team is actually, the New York Giants.

Senior Gas Transmission Engineer, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)
Advisory Board