Melissa Guerrero


Born and raised in New York, Melissa has now made San Francisco her new home. She has over 12 years of Global advertising experience working on brands across beauty, consumer packaged goods, finance, fitness, healthcare, and travel. 


Back in New York, Melissa was a regular volunteer at organizations such as the Bowery Mission soup kitchen and FreeArtsNYC. Wanting to continue her passion for helping children and her community Melissa volunteered for KEEN sailing and KEENQuatics and fell in love with the children as well as KEEN’s overall mission. The enthusiasm from the kids, their parents, and volunteers was contagious and inspired Melissa to get involved. She is looking forward to being part of KEEN making a positive impact on the community. 


During her free time, Melissa seeks out activities that feed her mind, body, and soul such as getting lost in a book, swimming, exploring all types of art, being outdoors and immersing herself in different cultures when traveling. 

Account Director, R2C Group
Advisory Board