Nikki David

Nikki has been passionate about community service her whole life, both volunteering with and serving on the boards of multiple volunteer organizations. She has done everything from mentoring foster youth to working in homeless shelters to running environmental organizations, but her heart truly lies with KEEN. She found KEEN Los Angeles in 2010, and was delighted to find KEEN San Francisco in 2016 after moving to the Bay Area. As someone who loves working with kids, is passionate about fitness, and has lived with her own mental disabilities, laughing and playing with KEEN athletes is her favorite activity. 
Nikki graduated from USC in Fall 2013, and now works in creative leadership at a marketing agency. To stay active she enjoys weightlifting, kayaking, yoga, hip-hop dance, and muay thai, and she has done four triathlons. She also loves sci-fi, fantasy, and comic books, anything artsy, and spending time with her service dog, Potato. 


Lead Designer at Stealth Venture Labs
Advisory Board