Vincent Lai

Vincent was born and raised in Taiwan, but now calls San Francisco his second home - the weather here is just so much nicer! He earned his MS in Computer Science from USC, and has been working in the Bay Area as a software engineer in the non-profit sector since 2005.

Ironically as a nerd who sucks at sports, Vincent keeps volunteering at KEENquatic and KEEN Sports because he enjoys working with KEEN kids so much! He is always inspired by the enthusiasm and friendliness from the KEEN athletes, and treasures the friendships and trusts that he gets to build with them through every session.
Besides spending way too much time playing video games, Vincent is also an overly-dramatic karaoke singer, an adventurous eater, and an avid traveler who has been to 40+ countries. On weekends when there are no KEEN sessions, you can find him... no, actually you can't find him anywhere because he will probably be sleeping in - way past noon time!
Senior Front-End Web Developer, TechSoup
Advisory Board